Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to drive our cars and have fun with the aim of assisting our community through fundraising.

Please review our 2019 WBC Fun Run show winners page  for a list of all the show winners.



 Congratulations to Steve Hardisty, David Curlette ,Brian Currie and his helpers, Napoleon Home Comfort, Steve and the girls of Napoleon for the great BBQ at Friday's "Poker Run". Kudos to Brian for laying out one fantastic, scenic route for a Poker Run. BIG SUCCESS !!!


What a successful "FUN RUN" show it was, with 420 plus vehicles entering the show and registering without a hitch. Big sales of members draw tickets and raffle tickets for a great tool chest. How to go ladies.


We had our own DJ "Wolfman Chuck" Tabone and the band "Stir it Up" keeping the crowd happy, smiling and dancing in the street.

And we even had the Mayor in attendance to present the "Mayors Choice" award.

No one person can plan and produce a car show as successful as this one. It takes a good team.


I want to thank the Fun Run Committee for all the hard work and support they gave me for the last few months.

Brian Curry for heading up the Sponsorship and being there when ever needed.

Wayne Hawke for heading up the Parking for the day, signing up all the parking volunteers and providing tons of good advice.


Sherri Russell for looking after the Registration for the day, signing up those volunteers and again lots of good advice.




Charlie Tabone for being there whenever needed.

Steve Hardisty for trying to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

A  "Shout Out" to the "Sponsor Twins" , Billy Barnstaple and Charlie Tabone for their relentless search for sponsors right up to the day of the show.


Thank you to everyone else that went out and found our many good sponsors for the event. It is not an easy task but you did it.


Thanks to our sponsors all 58 of them, without you , we could never do this.


Thanks to Phil Cooke that quiet guy with the camera. Without him we would not have all the great history of the shows and club events in photos. He is always there when you need him.


Thanks to the town of Wasaga Beach for the support for our club in many, many ways. Their cooperation and support is paramount to the success of the show.


Thanks to all the green shirts. There were over 50 club volunteers out to help. Some from 6am to the finish and I never heard one complaint from them. Without those green shirts this show would not have been the success that it was.


To all of you wearing the red shirts and green shirts ... THANK YOU.

You should be proud of the Poker Run and the Fun Run because you made it happen. So be proud of yourselves because you deserve to be proud of what you did.

Last but not least, thank you to the 420 attendees that supported our show, with all your beautiful classics.

Thank you all and see you next year.

Hot off the press, the 2020 Wasaga Beach Cruisers Fun Run, mark your calendar folks for an event you will not want to miss, more info to come.

For Membership inquiries, please visit our membership page for further info.

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Duncan M